Catalogus en recensie foto’s Dress Me, Milaan (Italië)

In de e-mail trof ik vandaag de catalogus aan die gemaakt is door M.A.D.S. Gallery naar aanleiding van de Dress Me expositie welke nog tot en met 30 september loopt. Over de totale serie foto’s die in deze expositie tentoon zijn gesteld, is een recensie geschreven door Art Curator Guendalina Cilli.

Van elke kunstenaar is in de catalogus een recensie geschreven over de volledige inzending voor de expositie en zo ook bij de inzending van Studio Tjeerd.

Tjeerd Doosje photographs beautiful, angelic girls on stages purposefully set for the occasion.
His shots show an extreme care to obtain the perfect picture, the product of a thoughtful and careful plan from the angle chosen to the setting to the lights.
They tell a story product of years of experience, passion and study.
The results are breath-taking shots of vivid colours that transport us into a fairytale world, invited by kids with big eyes and flawless skin.
Doosje’s little models pose as one could find on a fashion catalogue, each on perfectly inserted into their context and one can play searching echt time the link between the model and the overall scenery.
Often it is the colours of their clothing that calls back to their surrounding.
Thus the warm yellow of a sweater compliments the orange-red of a carpet of fallen leaves, the pastle blue of a flowing gown the same of a blurred backgroudn, and the black of the shirts the grey of the wall.
Sometimes the link is in the shapes, like the flowers blossoming both living around a girl and embroidered onto her dress.

Art Curator Guendalina Cilli

Ik kan niet anders dan trots zijn op deze mooie recensie!

De volledige catalogus met alle recensies van de kunstenaars is hieronder te bekijken.

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