Foto Resa (0102) toegevoegd

Foto van Resa’s 1e fotoshoot toegevoegd.
Meer van deze fotoshoot.

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Reacties op de foto:
So great to see your gorgeous portrait work on big screen! Beautiful and so self confident pose from your lovely model! Another beauty in your gallery!

Sherin Atrouni

Beautiful portrait ST, great light, color and composition!

Perry Hoag
(Verenigde Staten)

Beautiful portrait!

Angela Raben

Nice portrait and excellent composition!

Alaya Hassène

Excellent lighting and wonderful catchlights, Tjeerd! Resa is a really cute girl!

Yokai Catchlight

Brilliant work, Tjeerd!

Amari Pitt
(Verenigde Staten)

So adorable portrait.

David Gomes

Stunningly beautiful, Tjeerd, perfect shot with lovely light, color toning and composition!

Changbao She

That's a spectacular portrait, Tjeerd!

Delores Poll
(Verenigde Staten)

Magnificent shot! So beautiful!

Abi Doroud

Superb shot!

Thomas Dyer

Prachtig portret werk. Mooi, Tjeerd!

Jaap Polak

That's a wonderful portrait, Tjeerd!

Randy Poll
(Verenigde Staten)

Beautiful portrait!

Arshad Ashraf

Exceptional. Congratulations.

Vicente Concha

Stunning portrait!

Marianne Clement