Zeven foto’s in expositie “#Mil@no PhotoAward”, Milaan

De curatoren van de Milanese M.A.D.S. Gallery hebben zeven foto’s geselecteerd die worden geëxposeerd tijdens de digitale expositie #Mil@no PhotoAward. Deze expositie zal plaatsvinden van 16 oktober tot en met 30 oktober.

Het is de achtste digitale expositie dit jaar die wordt georganiseerd door M.A.D.S. Gallery Milano.

De selectie van zeven foto’s komt uit de 91 foto’s die ik in september voor de “Dress Me” expositie had ingestuurd.
Dat waren er veel te veel, maar op dat moment werd al aangegeven dat er ook foto’s zouden worden uitgekozen voor deze expositie.
Het is nu duidelijk welke foto’s dit zullen zijn en ten tijde van de expositie zal ik op deze website de foto’s bekend maken.

De officiële Press Release die is uitgegaan luidt:

Concept edited by Alessandra Magni, Art Director

“If you take pictures of a stranger, the minute you click the shutter, that person stops being a stranger, because you will always bring it with you”.

There is so much truth in these words by Giuseppe Tornatore. It is not a factor of equipment, of light, of location or even of the subject in front of the lens: when a picture provides us inexplicable sensations, there is only one reason. It’s called trip back, starting from the two-dimensionality of the photo: a journey into it, that will allow us to enjoy the story, trying to perceive “why” and then “how” we got out the result, unconsciously accessing to all informations that characterize it. We will know the purpose and finally we will witness a genetic transmission, just like a gesture of love.

Study, experimentation, refinement and finally coherence, will be fundamental and determining elements that can be traced back to the artist’s style and his DNA: only through small gestures of analysis, we will be able to understand, even years later, who made that specific photograph.

They are rare gifts, the balance between feelings and thoughts, between rationality and perception, gracefulness and simplicity, delicacy and elegance, dialogue through a look, elegant composition dominated by energy and visual impact, refinement to the maximum exaltation of beauty.

John Berger, writer-legend, art critic, poet, essayist, playwright and winner of the 1972 Booker Prize with the novel G., stated in one of his writings that “you learn to read a photograph as you learn to read an imprint, or a cardiogram”. The goal is always the same: learn to see. We must learn to see before to photograph, but to photograph can become a way to learn to see.

“To photograph is to hold the breath when all our faculties converge to capture fleeting reality: at this point the image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy”.
– Henry Cartier Bresson –

Inmiddels zijn er al de nodige foto’s in expositie geweest in Milaan, zoals te zien is op mijn persoonlijke pagina van M.A.D.S. Milano.

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