Foto Pien (0401) toegevoegd

Eén foto van Piens 4e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

500 px Score: 93,3 (10 juli 2015)

Reacties op de foto:

Beautiful and charming portrait! Love the innocent look and expressions! Great work my friend.

Irfan Zaidi
Verenigde Staten

Lovely portrait Tjeerd. You always have great colors and composition. Your subject’s expression is perfectly reflecting a young age group too. Good job!!

C. Michael Sturgeon
Verenigde Staten

She looks like a completely different girl from the one you showed us the other day. I like her facial expression and eye contact. She looks perfectly innocent and pure.

Yokai Catchlight

Stellar shot!

Kim Parrish
Verenigde Staten

Simple and beautiful!

Mikko Brigatjev

Really nice! I like it a lot!

Cheryl Parris
Verenigde Staten