Foto Claartje (1504) toegevoegd

Eén foto van Claartjes 15e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

500 px Score: 95,3 (12 juni 2015)

Reacties op de foto:

Lovely Photo ^_^

Valérie Boutin

Is this the first location shot I’ve seen? I can’t remember, but it’s a great one! Really like the low angle a lot!

Harry Gordon Bisel
Verenigde Staten

Really nice outdoors shot, and excellent surroundings!

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Top man…. een hele mooie foto…!!!

Caspario Norberto

Nice framework and beautiful composition! I especially like white space in the direction that Claartje is facing.

Yokai Catchlight

The colours and background work really well. l wonder if a black and white version would be really dramatic- especially with the contrasts in the dress. Great work.

Doug Ross