Foto Claartje (1421) toegevoegd

Foto van Claartjes 14e fotoshoot toegevoegd.
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ViewBug Top 10 Class (1.370e plaats van 16.257)
“Warm Colors” (4 augustus 2020)
Top 10 Class
“Red Color” (11 september 2019)
Publicatie Online International Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
(3 oktober 2017)
PhotoCrowd Top 25%
“The Colour Red” (24 februari 2017)
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“Alone with My Thoughts” (23 november 2016)
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“Creative Portraits” (7 mei 2016)
YouPic Status Inspiration (28 april 2016)
500 px Score: 95,1 (11 april 2016)
Reacties op de foto:
This is captured beautifully – I love the richness of the colours and the softness of it…

Jacqueline Lancelotte

Fabulous processing!

Johannes Oehl

Like a fire goddess! Fab, Tjeerd!

Thu Hang Thi Ho
(Verenigde Staten)

Beautiful dreamy and powerful portrait!

Petra Lutze

Sensational and striking art!

Kevin Haggith

Excellent shot and I like the processing as well.

Ari Parviainen

Like a wonderful dream, or like a peaceful revelation from above 😉 In simple words; I love the result and expression!

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Very dreamy. Great shot!

Björn Jönnson

Exceptional and beautiful. Congratulations!

Vicente Concha

Oooh, this is fabulous Studio! Such a wonderful mood and the tones are stunning! Excellent work! Love it!

Hanna Schermer

Amazing portrait, great great work! I love this!

Victor JMelo

So skillful processing, Tjeerd! She looks like a Goddess. Really captivating image!

Yokai Catchlight

Een mooi, dromerig beeld van grote klasse! Dat heb je echt heel mooi gedaan!

Klaus-Dieter Hornig

Astounding shot!!!

Hartmut Nörenberg

Very interesting environment you have here. I love the final outcome and you have a great model.

Michael Sturgeon
(Verenigde Staten)

Amazing effect, S.T.! The colours blend into one very nicely. Impressive work!

Geoffrey West

Great work!

Vinny Rojas


Stefan Adronache

Beautiful portrait!

James Binder

Flour burst or smoke, Tjeerd? Either way very effective.

Doug Ross

She’s fantastic!

Randy Poll
(Verenigde Staten)