Foto Pien (0421) toegevoegd

Foto van Piens 4e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

Publicatie The First Berliner Art Book 2018
(6 februari 2018)
500 px Score: 94,7  (20 augustus 2015)
Reacties op de foto:
Really like the colour of and expression on her face. A tender motion 🙂 Well done!

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Really great use of the light – Seriously like this – It has mood and drama. Makes you wonder what is going through Pien’s mind. Nice hi-key shot!

Doug Ross

Great play and balance of pale colors, very harmonic and smooth style. Great work, Tjeerd!

Lars Krux

Beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super!!! Well done, nice warm photo!

Piet Wijma

Pretty pastel colors and nice foreground/background, it looks very romantic indeed! I like Piens facial expression with downcast eyes as well!

Yokai Catchlight

Exceptionally beautiful and perfect toning, splendid work!

Daave Kuekat
(Verenigde Staten)

Beautiful soft colors and tones! Lovely portrait!

Irfan Zaidi
(Verenigde Staten)