Foto Pien (0506) toegevoegd

Foto van Piens 5e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

500 px Score: 96,5 (10 september 2017)
Score: 93,5 (25 januari 2016)
Reacties op de foto:
Lovely portrait, Tjeerd!

Marianne Clement

Excellent portrait!

Leo Pöcksteiner

Just amazing!

Changbao She

Preciosa 👍👍

Eliseo Lesende

Ziet er andermaal fraai uit. Leuk om eens een wat ander, meisjesachtig- kleurrijk tenue te proberen. Past goed bij de grijze achtergrond.

Werner Lerooy

That’s fantastic!

Martin Zwick

Another amazing pose and model, Tjeerd!

Delores Poll
(Verenigde Staten)

Magnificent picture!

Glauco Meneghelli

As to be expected, excellent quality shot.

Thomas Dyer

Wow, beautiful pose, captivating red skirt, glossy hair, nice light and shadow! What a masterpiece!

Yokai Catchlight

Great image, congrats!

Korhan Ertaş

Great portrait!

James Binder

Great portrait!

Randy Poll
(Verenigde Staten)

Mooi Tjeerd, je doet het goed in Lelystad!!

Dirk Noort

Awesome work. Congratulations.

Vicente Concha

Love the colours Pien is wearing and makes a really strong image! I honestly think the two colours bring a great sense of energy to the picture. I think a more neutral choice of colours, would have totally changed the tone and feel of image.

Doug Ross

Beautiful capture. Love the colours.

Xavier Wiechers

A lovely model with an outspoken expression and a nice pose. Wonderful lighting and superb capture, Tjeerd!

Hanna Schermer

This is an image that I have to look at for quite a while. I find myself studying and investigating it. And that’s a very good sign! This capture speaks to me. It is interesting, exciting and personal… The conclusion is easy: this is really a gorgeous capture, Tjeerd!

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp