Foto Terra (0122-2) toegevoegd

Foto van Terra’s 1e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

YouPic Status Inspiration (14 december 2015)
500 px Score: 94,4 (13 december 2015)
Reacties op de foto:
Lovely photography. A gorgeous lady and a wonderful background… Your work is spectacular and awesome…Bravo

Barb Kennedy
(Verenigde Staten)

Really beautiful work!

Ari Parviainen

Great crop and excellent eye contact.

Trevor Owen

Beautiful portrait!

Dirk Noort

Really beautiful… A piece of art!

Jan Marten Hoogebeen

Very beautiful portrait, always love your way to work with light, Tjeerd… Really wonderful done..!

Wahyu Ono

Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful work!!!

Piet Wijma

Wow, skillful background lighting, Tjeerd! The atmosphere is made splendid by the effective colors!

Yokai Catchlight

Wonderful work, Tjeerd… Superb detail and colours… Well done.

Geoffrey West

Love this composition! A delightful capture!

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

She’s amazing!

Randy Poll
(Verenigde Staten)

You captured her beauty perfect!

Björn Jönnson

Beautiful studio work… Mesmerizing…

Shan Huang