Foto Claartje (1408) toegevoegd

Claartje (1408)

Eén foto van Claartjes 14e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

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“The Pink Color” (29 september 2017)
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“People and Flowers” (1 maart 2016)
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Reacties op de foto:
So incredibly beautiful, Tjeerd!

Marianne Clement

Great work! Another awesome portrait. It’s especially impressive that you are able to do this at the models home!

Harry Gordon Bisel
(Verenigde Staten)

So sweet image, excellent portrait as always!

Yokai Catchlight

Very beautiful portrait.

Zachary Voo

Really superb- love the lighting, pose and backdrop – well done.

Doug Ross

Excellent portrait. Fantastic tones and framing. Congratulations!

Fabio Gebe

Great portrait!

Alp Cem