Foto Pien (0402) toegevoegd

Foto van Piens 4e fotoshoot toegevoegd.
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“Natural Light Portraits” (10 juni 2019)
500 px Score: 96,0 (14 juli 2015)
Reacties op de foto:
A very direct and personal portrait. Lovely captured and presented 🙂

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Lovely portrait with great expression!

Klaus Heinemann

I like the color version as well as b/w version. I can’t tell which is better but her blue eyes entrances me and I can never take my eyes off her. Thanks for sharing two images, Tjeerd!

Yokai Catchlight

Fantastic image again. I feel like waiting myself at a station for a train. And I glance at a nice young woman, waiting there too. She seems self confident and dreamy. Is she waiting for someone to arrive or will she catch the same train?

Lars Krux

Great picture! I really like the light and contrast.

Marc Bächtold

So beautiful! Awesome composition, light and expressions!

Irfan Zaidi
(Verenigde Staten)