Foto Claartje (1505) toegevoegd

Eén foto van Claartjes 15e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

500 px Score: 93,6 (29 juni 2015)

Reacties op de foto:

Nice capture Studio Tjeerd! I like the lively and light mood in this one. Great use of complimentary colours.

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Fantastic colors & expression!

Lars Krux

Wonderful Claartje portrait, the mood of summer,sun, water, wind playing with her hair is so harmonic and the bright shining colors of the clothes and the sky, all fits perfectly together and at least a smile that melts hearts! Great one again!

Norbert Stojke

Perfect capture! Beautiful colors and composition! Great work!

Mariluz Laforet

Wonderful photo……Very nice composition and mood..!

Wahyu Ono

And again, a great representation of your photography.

C. Michael Sturgeon
Verenigde Staten

I know taking portrait pictures from head to toe is very difficult. But you did perfectly by using wide lens. In addition, you successfully caught not only the beautiful background but also the wind !! I love her smiley face as well.

Yokai Catchlight