Gehonoreerd met International Prize Raffaello (Italië)

Opnieuw ben ik gehonoreerd met een internationale prijs, dit keer The International Prize Raffaello. En opnieuw in Italië.

Na de International Prize Andrea Mantegna, de International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, Biennial of Nations en Prize of Nations – A Tribute to Tiziano is dit inmiddels de 5e internationale prijs die ik in ontvangst mag nemen, waarbij de eerste twee genoemde inmiddels ook daadwerkelijk in bezit (hier en hier) zijn.
Het lijkt er overigens op dat de Biennial of Nations en de Prize of Nations – A Tribute to Tiziano één en dezelfde prijs betreft. In dat geval gaat het om de 4e internationale prijs die ik mag gaan ophalen.

De International Prize Raffaello prijs wordt opnieuw georganiseerd en uitgereikt door dezelfde curatoren/organisatie die mij ook al bovengenoemde prijzen heeft toegekend.

In ieder geval ontving ik onderstaande e-mail:

Dear Tjeerd Doosje,

I am very proud to award you with the International Prize Raffaello.

The Prize is for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit.

You will be awarded on May 4th, 2018, inside the Gnudi Palace in Bologna.

If the artist will not be present at the awards ceremony, the prize will be sent home.

It is one of the most prestigious art awards awarded in the heart of Bologna.

Important celebrities from the world of culture will be present at the ceremony and the talented artists will be awarded with an important prize for their careers.

In the May/June number of the magazine Art International Contemporary, we will realize an introductive piece dedicated to Raffaello’s artistic talent; following to the piece the publication of the selected artist’s artworks.

Bologna is one of the most important cities in Italy for the richness of cultural traditions and the vitality of an economy based on trade and agriculture, but also on a particularly developed advanced tertiary sector. ‘Learned’ and ‘fat’ are the two adjectives that we always find associated with the city: Bologna boasts, in fact, one of the oldest universities in Europe, and for quality of life and level of well-being is one of the first places among Italian cities: an ‘opulence’ that is also reflected in a culture of food famous all over the world.

The prize is given to those artists who has been chosen by Mr. Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.

You will be eligible for:
– A page into the magazine Art International Contemporary Magazine of May/June in the section International Prize Raffaello.
– A page into the official catalogue of the event International Prize Raffaello.
– Conferment of the the International Award International Prize Raffaello (precious customized sculpted trophy).
– A copy of the art magazine “Art International Contemporary Magazine”.
– A copy of the catalog “International Prize Raffaello”

Meer info volgt op een later moment.

N.B. dit blogbericht is in verband met operaties en het herstel ervan met terugwerkende kracht en kennis geschreven op een later moment (25 maart 2018).