Vragen voor editorial feature Art Productions New York

Vandaag trof ik van een medewerker van Art Productions New York een vragenlijst aan voor een zogenaamd Editorial Feature.

“The first step for us is the interview. We will begin our interview via email,  this will not only enable you to  answer my questions in a relaxed and thought provoking  manner but it will  also allow  me to know more about the process behind your work. The interview will be published in our HEADLINER section of the website under our Artist Spotlight editorials.”

Bovenstaande was in de e-mail te lezen. Vervolgens kwam een de vragenlijst voor het interview:

I ask the question for the interview via email so that you will have time to fully consider your answers, in response to the questions.  Please note, nothing will be printed without your full copy approval. 

– What are the core and fundamental themes and concepts of your art?
– How closely do these ideas relate to your creative process and the actual act of creating the art itself?
– Which artists/designers/creators (past or present)  are you inspired and influenced by?
Which of your work/works stands out as a highlight, a favorite, or a significant point in your creative growth and development? and why?
– A
n artist of powerful creative voice and message, what do you wish to communicate to your audience?
Creatively, professionally and in all aspects of being an artist, what are your goals for your upcoming works and art.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if  more clarity is needed regarding the above questions, also please take as much time as is necessary  to consider your answers.

Many thanks in anticipation for your well thought out answers which I feel sure will enhance your excellent work.

Pff… dat zijn zeker vragen waar ik goed over moet nadenken, want zo heb ik nog nooit naar mijn werk gekeken. Gelukkig krijg ik de tijd om één en ander te beantwoorden. Tijd die ik zeker wel nodig zal hebben.

Wordt vervolgd.

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