Foto Julia (0202) toegevoegd

Foto van Julia’s 2e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

Expositie Barchessa Villa Quaglia, Treviso, Italië
15 – 27 september 2018
Filmfestival, Venetië, Italië
28 augustus – 11 september 2018
ViewBug Top 20 Class
“Red Hair” (29 mei 2018)
Expositie Barchessa Villa Quaglia, Treviso, Italië
11 – 23 mei 2018
Kunsthaus Weiz, Oostenrijk
13 april tot en met 5 mei 2018
Prize International Prize of Nations – Tribute to Tiziano Venice, Italië
(18 maart 2018)
Publicatie Online International Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
(3 oktober 2017)
ViewBug Top 10 Class
“Social Exposure Volume 10” (14 september 2017)
Top 20 Class
“Covers Photo Volume 40” (6 september 2017)
Top 20 Class
“Image of the Month Volume 23” (28 juli 2017)
YouPic Status Inspiration (7 juli 2017)
 500px Score: 96,3 (11 juni 2017)
Reacties op de foto:

Peter Orlický

Admirable. Congratulations!

Vicente Concha

Wonderful image and tones ST! Well done!

James Philips

Beautiful portrait! Wonderful lighting & processing. Great work as usual!

Lafugue Logos

Stunning beauty!

Marianne Clement

Exquisite image. A whole range of technical aspects are just spot on, and beside this, Julia’s expression is beautiful. It’s hard to ‘read’ her emotions… A great quality in this image.

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Great portrait!

Leo Pöcksteiner

Fantastique light!

Thibault Morineau

Wow, Tjeerd, she is so stunning! I love the eyes!

Randy Poll
(Verenigde Staten)

Wonderful portrait, Tjeerd, from this lovely young lady!

Henri van Ham

Wonderful portraiture, Tjeerd! Amazing detail and depth. Well done!

Geoffrey West

Wonderful portrait in great light with a beautiful frame. Excellent work!

Björn Jönnson


Roel Rocero
(Verenigde Staten)

Perfect lighting as always, Tjeerd! Your lighting skill brings out the beauty of Julia. Love her skin tones and blue eyes.

Yokai Catchlight

Beautiful lighting, Tjeerd. Especially love the hair light and eyes. Well done.

Doug Ross

The model is gorgeous and her eyes are amazing, Tjeerd!

Delores Poll
(Verenigde Staten)