Foto Pien (0501-2) toegevoegd

Foto van Piens 5e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

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Reacties op de foto:
Great close-up!

Hans Lunenborg

Wow… so beautiful. A fantastic capture, Tjeerd.

Hanna Schermer

Stunning image 🙂

Benjamin Hüttinger

Excellent portrait sure. I like how you have applied the Golden Ratio.

Michael Sturgeon
(Verenigde Staten)

Love the edit on this. Yokai’s comments pretty well sum the image. Well done both of you.

Doug Ross

Lovely shot, nice tone and details.

Mehmet Çoban

Really nice framing and exposure control!

Stig Ottesen

Great composition, Tjeerd! Plus, I like catchlights at 10 o’clock and her sensual lips. Truly fascinating portrait!

Yokai Catchlight

Very impressive portrait! Congratulations!

Vicente Concha

Really wonderful portrait and lighting as always, love this concept so much, Tjeerd…!

Wahyu Ono

Fantastic portrait!

James Binder

Great work, my friend 😉 Wish you good luck with this one!

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Yes… I agree with Lafugue… Very nice framing! And very nice portrait of course!

Jan Marten Hoogebeen

Beautiful portrait! Impressive framing…

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