Foto Terra (0106ZW) toegevoegd

Foto van Terra’s 1e fotoshoot toegevoegd.
Meer van deze fotoshoot.

Publicatie Online International Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
(3 oktober 2017)
YouPic Status Inspiration (6 november 2015)
500 px Score: 97,6 (22 september 2015)
Reacties op de foto:
What can I say, everything is perfect, * from me if it counts for anything!

Thomas Dyer
(Groot Brittannië)

Over the top 🙂 Great shot!

John Friis Mortenson

Wooooooooov. This photo deserves a star from me.

Cemil Guven

Cute portrait and beautiful Terra!

Ed. Guimarães

So lovely. A really beautiful portrait. The lighting is perfect and I like the black and white conversion. You’ve done really good work here, Tjeerd.

Claudia Schwardt

Beautiful lighting! Great portrait!

Roberto Alves

Great shot! Works perfect in B&W!

Björn Jönnson

Black and white does give a different atmosphere to the picture. Black and white sometimes give more rest and let you look at other things. Anyway, the color or black and white photograph remains beautiful!

Piet Wijma

Beautiful! Perfect shot and work!

Wolfgang Holz

Really beautiful lighting… impressive portrait!

Lafugue Logos

Very nice portrait!

Frederic Gombert

Beautiful light, portrait and composition!

Chris Hamilton

Wonderful light, b&w tones and portrait!

Irfan Zaidi
(Verenigde Staten)

Erg mooi, Tjeerd!

Jan Marten Hoogebeen

Beautiful image again! Monochrome photographs make us look harder at the images but Terra in black and white looks as beautiful as in colors. I especially like the contrast between black (at top right) and white (at bottom left).

Yokai Catchlight

So lovely!

Fred Matos

Prachtig portret!

Klaas Fidom

Well done; even better in black and white. The lighting is lovely, gentle and soft.

Doug Ross

Soft and gorgeous, a very beautiful model and mono portrait!

Dave Kuekat
(Verenigde Staten)

Black and white version of an already wonderful colour shot some days ago. I’m happy that you did this. It deserves absolutely a B&W version! :)) Lovely!

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Beauty and sweetness. Congratulations!

Vicente Concha