Foto Merel (0201) toegevoegd

Foto van Merels 2e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

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Reacties op de foto:
Excellent work!!! Very well done….

Caspario Norberto

Love the lighting in this image: also the concentration on the models face. Well done.

Doug Ross


Mariano Fernandez Martinez

Wow, fantastic work! Perfect composition and beautiful light control! Did you bring the backdrop to her house?

Yokai Catchlight

Great, and nice light!! Well done to you 3!!!! Mooi uitgelicht en opgemaakt!!

Piet Wijma

Great lighting technique bringing about a dramatic image of your beautiful model. Excellent job, Tjeerd!

Michael Sturgeon
(Verenigde Staten)

I had ‘m al geliked, gefavored en wat niet meer mogelijk is… Wat een heerlijke plaat is dit! Top gedaan man!!

Bas Oude Reimer

Superb work!

Fred Matos

Beautiful body portrait, wonderful colors and harmonic presentation, perfect placement of your model, a striking proof of your fantastic photographic and artistic work.

Norbert Stojke

I really like the way you have used the light in this frame. A very good result :))

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Beautiful model and lighting my friend! Wonderful portrait work!

Irfan Zaidi
(Verenigde Staten)

Really love this shot, the soft lighting is perfect for her beautiful expression. Can’t tell if it’s a strobe or natural light.

Urban Rump
(Verenigde Staten)

Wonderful portrait again, Tjeerd. The light on her face is leading the eye to the right direction. Model, face and expression are awesome – as usual 🙂

Lars Krux

Has everything going for it, superb shot.

Thomas Dyer

Da’s weer eens heel iets anders…Mooie belichting in combinatie met die achtergrond! Well done!!

Jan Marten Hoogebeen

Superb shot…… Love the light and model too. Nice pose. Well captured.

W Gellani Sayyed