Foto Pien (0417) toegevoegd

Foto van Piens 4e fotoshoot toegevoegd.
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Reacties op de foto:
I absolutely love this portrait! Beautiful and perfect framing with the umbrella and the lovely lighting, it looks so unique and dreamy! The atmosphere is just beautiful! It’s perhaps your best shot so far. Simply beautiful!

Claudia Schwardt

Beautiful and adorable portrait!

David Gomes

So lovely!

Fred Matos

Lovely portrait… gorgeous light… well done!

Caspario Norberto

Outstanding and beautiful.

Vicente Concha

I like the blur / bokeh in the foreground, colors created by golden reflector, natural expression on Pien’s face. Is the umbrella hers? It’s very romantic indeed.

Yokai Catchlight

Love the beautiful setting including the outfit, umbrella and pose, awesome work!

Irfan Zaidi
(Verenigde Staten)

Beautiful portrait….love the lighting & colors, fantastic image!

Lafugue Logos

Lovely and soft atmosphere. Tender and personal. You could maybe have done a little bit more out of the framework. But that’s only my personal opinion. I seek a little difference. But overall I like this capture very much 🙂

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Very well done!

Shi Jingsong

Wonderful portrait, great composition and look!

Klaus Heinemann

Perfect, beautiful girl, love it!

Sabrina Sens
(Verenigde Staten)

Congratulations 🙂 This is a wonderful work 🙂

(Verenigde Staten)

Excellent quality and pose!

Thomas Dyer