Foto Claartje (1514) toegevoegd

Eén foto van Claartjes 15e fotoshoot toegevoegd.
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“Happiness In Color” (17 april 2018)
500 px Score: 94,9 (12 augustus 2015)
Reacties op de foto:
Beautiful as always. Great shot!

Björn Jönnson

Superb: Tjeerd, really superb. Well done.

Doug Ross

Nice shot! A beautiful look and cool that you turned the picture on its side!

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

Beautiful shot!

Park Ddoven

Amazing model, again and again. Very nice expression 🙂

Lars Krux

Beautiful portrait Very nice light and DoF!

Wahyu Ono

Happy lovely photo!!!

Piet Wijma

This is such a feel good portrait her smile lights up the world!

Dave Kuekat
(Verenigde Staten)

Beautiful and charming smile, wonderful portrait!

Irfan Zaidi
(Verenigde Staten)

Lovely portrait in an askew frame! I like her natural smile very much. (^^)

Yokai Catchlight

Beautiful portrait!

James Binder

So beautiful portrait!

Turan Reis

Great pose!

Thomas Dyer