Foto Claartje (1105-2) toegevoegd

Claartje (1105-2)

Foto van Claartjes 11e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

 500px Score: 92,6 (8 juni 2015)
YouPic Status Inspiration (8 juni 2015)
Reacties op de foto:
Beautiful portrait.

Benno Pütz

Excellent portrait, congrats.

Korhan Ertaş

Tjeerd, this picture is really awesome. Claartjes way of looking is brilliant , the little sadness and fragility and the way how to capture this beautiful girl is perfect. The technical brilliance and the right way to crop is great photographical handcraft. But what you transport is not only technical perfectness it is respect for your model and showing a person with all there feelings. I am really a fan of your wonderful portraits.

Norbert Stojke

Soo beautiful, excellent work!!

Lloyd Palmer

Wow… Beautiful capture!

Roger Arnefalk

She is incredibly beautiful and you captured her beautiful skin and eyes nicely

Yokai Catchlight

Perfect shot.

Nasar Milad

Great portrait!!!

Luciano Kupresak

Lovely portrait with great expression!

Klaus Heinemann

Like this harmonious closeup Studio Tjeerd 🙂

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp

One word, make that two: really superb!

Doug Ross