Foto Claartje (1415) toegevoegd

Claartje (1415)

Foto van Claartjes 14e fotoshoot toegevoegd.
Meer van deze fotoshoot.

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“Fashion and Costumes” (27 september 2018)
YouPic Status Inspiration (14 oktober 2015)
500 px Score: 93,3 (19 april 2015)
Reacties op de foto:
Love the colours and the shallow depth of field.

Doug Ross

Superb compo……..And light. Greatly done. Great job!

W Gellani Sayyed

Fantastic shot, beautiful light!

Arshad Ashraf

Great shot….! The colors are amazing…!!!!

Caspario Norberto

Great portrait. Excellent colors.

Mihai Medves