Foto Pien (0431BW) toegevoegd

Foto van Piens 4e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

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“Flares 101” (23 januari 2018)
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“The Sun Behind” (28 december 2016)
500 px Score:  95,0 (25 september 2016)

Reacties op de foto:

Really great portrait, full of mystery and her gaze is really engaging. Makes me want to know the story behind this photo 🙂 The bokeh is really great!


Oh, so interesting portrait, Tjeerd! The light and the bokeh are absolutely stunning! Love her expression as well!

Anna Menshikova

Always love the way you manage the light, Tjeerd. Nice DoF and bokeh.

Wahyu Ono

Cool rays of sunlight and beautiful out of focus background, Tjeerd! I like the mask.

Yokai Catchlight

I’m not usually ‘into’ this genre of masked photography It is however an exceptional image and for me the eyes make the image very special.

Doug Ross

Beautiful shot, light and bokeh!

Dan Leszek

A marvelous close-up of Pien. The lovely mask makes her so intriguing. Another superb capture with wonderful back light, Tjeerd!

Hanna Schermer

Prachtig werk!

Ines Megen-Thijssen

A very mysterious capture, Tjeerd! Well done!

Delores Poll
Verenigde Staten

I think you’re the master of achieving that very direct and personal look in the eyes of your models, Tjeerd. Also this photo testifies this. I perceive that the viewers often may feel they have personal eye contact with the models. In my opinion that’s a really great achievement.

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp