Foto Pien (0423) toegevoegd

Foto van Piens 5e fotoshoot toegevoegd.

500 px Score: 92,7 (11 september 2015)

Reacties op de foto:

Excellent…. very beautiful shot…. GREAT…!!!

Caspario Norberto

Love the natural smile and expressions in this one my dear friend!, even though the face is not showing you can imagine the wrinkle in the corner of her eyes! Love the colors, composition and everything in this one!

Irfan Zaidi
Verenigde Staten

Feel good work!

Dave Kuekat
Verenigde Staten

Very nice shot!

Korhan Ertaş

Pretty beautiful smile, face. I like this picture very much, its look makes a lovely scene in mind!

Rain Amin

I like it very much ! I think leaving something to the imagination can be more beautiful than baring it all. Excellent work!

Yokai Cathlight

A funny and different perspective! Really nice 🙂

Sven Olav Vahlenkamp